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This website is aimed at anyone interested in universities of applied sciences (UAS) studies in Finland, including study counsellors and those involved in higher education application processes. On these pages, you’ll find information on student selection for English-taught programmes leading to a UAS degree. You can also explore the content of UAS studies offered in English.

More information on Master’s level UAS degrees is available on the universities of applied sciences’ own websites and at Studyinfo.fi. Information on UAS degrees taught in Finnish and Swedish is available at ammattikorkeakouluun.fi (in Finnish) and yrkeshogskolestudier.fi (in Swedish).

International UAS exam, spring 2024

The Entrance Exam Score Service has opened on 10 April 2024. You can view your International UAS exam scores per section in the Entrance Exam Score Service until 27 August 2024.

International UAS exam, autumn 2024

Read information about the autumn 2024 International UAS Exam.

Studying opportunities for Ukrainians fleeing the war