Universities of Applied Sciences executed the first phase of the International UAS Exam with success 

The first phase written exam of the International UAS Exam, the joint entrance exam of Finnish UAS, was organized 8 February 2023. 27 000 participants took the exam and the participation rate was 77%. 

International UAS Exam is a joint digital entrance exam of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), used for selecting students to study programmes leading to a bachelor’s degree and conducted in English. The joint entrance exam was used for the first time in the spring of 2022 and now the exam is being organized for the second time. Most UAS study programmes open for application use the joint entrance exam. The applicant can take a single exam to apply for different programmes and study fields.  

Most applicants taking the International UAS Exam are from outside Finland. The online entrance exam enabled the applicants to take the exam in a location of their choice, instead of having to travel to Finland. The entrance exam was successfully executed in the entrance exam system. The exam was executed with the same digital entrance exam system that is used in, among others, the UAS entrance exam. 

The International UAS Exam consists of two phases. The most successful applicants of the first phase written exam per study field are invited to a group interview organized on 6–17 March 2023. The second phase group interview is also a joint exam for all study fields and the applicant participates in only one group interview. In some study programmes of social and health care fields, also the applicant’s oral language skills in Finnish/Swedish are assessed between 20 and 22 March 2023. 

In the spring first application round, the universities of applied sciences have a little more than 3,200 study places in programmes leading to a bachelor’s degree open for application. The selection results will be released on Friday, June 2, at the latest. In the spring first application round, applicants may be selected to several study programmes, depending on their entrance exam success. However, approved applicants may only accept one study place leading to a higher education degree, among study programmes that start in the same semester.