Important information for SMOWL registration

Some applicants have encountered technical issues in the Candour ID application, resulting in unsuccessful pre-identification. These applicants have the opportunity to proceed in the exam process by registering for the SMOWL proctoring software. Emails have been sent to these applicants on 15 March 2024 regarding this matter. Please follow the instructions in the email. If you cannot find the email or are unsure if this concerns you, please check the matter through the login page After logging in, you will see a link to SMOWL registration on the login page if this concerns you.

The aforementioned applicants have to register for the SMOWL proctoring software by 18 March at 15:00 Finnish time (UTC/GMT+2). On the SMOWL registration page, applicants will take a selfie of themselves and accept the terms of use. The person in the selfie must be recognizable as the same person who has applied in the Studyinfo service. Applicants who successfully register within the given timeframe on SMOWL will be invited to the International UAS Exam. These applicants do not need to complete the pre-identification in the Candour ID application.

Additionally, a similar message has also been sent to a few applicants who have not received an invitation for the pre-identification as a result of a mistake by the universities of applied sciences.

The information has been updated on this page on 15 March at 16:15.