Results of the first International UAS Entrance Exam are now released

The results of the International UAS Exam, used in spring 2022 first joint application round, are now released. More than 2,200 students are selected to universities of applied sciences on the basis of the International UAS Exam.

During the past year, universities of applied sciences have developed their selection methods of programmes conducted in English to a more applicant-friendly way. The development work has proceeded fast. Universities of applied sciences launched a wide, joint UAS cooperation project to develop student selection for programmes conducted in English, and already in spring 2022 the new joint digital UAS entrance exam, the International UAS Exam, was launched.

I am proud of our universities of applied sciences solving their joint challenges together. Finland needs international professionals and by working together, we use our resources more efficiently. In this way, we not only save resources but also generate effective results, Executive Director Ida Mielityinen of the Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene says.

The use of International UAS Exam facilitates and simplifies the application process. In previous years, many different entrance exams and student selection practices for UAS programmes conducted in English have been in use, which has seemed strenuous and complicated for the applicant.

The International UAS Exam was developed to replace the previous, field-specific entrance exams. The application process is now considerably easier, as the applicant may take a single entrance exam to apply for several programmes open for application in different UAS. In the spring first joint application round 2022, a record number of applicants was noted – more than 17,000 applicants took the exam to apply for programmes using the International UAS Exam.

This spring was the first time that we used the International UAS Exam. In developing the International UAS Exam, we based our work on the high-quality development work and best practices of the Finnish-language joint entrance exam. Universities of applied sciences will continue the development of student selection for programmes conducted in English also in the coming years, Project Manager of the UAS Student Selection Consortium Marko Borodavkin explains.

The International UAS Exam consists of two phases conducted online: a written exam and a group interview. The Finnish UAS successfully carried out these phases in February–March. The online entrance exam meant that applicants could take the exam in any location instead of having to travel to Finland for it. 

In autumn 2021, the universities of applied sciences also released a joint UASinfo website, providing information on the International UAS Exam and the application process in general, selection methods and studying. The joint website further harmonizes the steering and communication of the student selection of UAS programmes conducted in English.